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Micah Counseling Services has been in operations in Peachtree City, Georgia for more than six years. We are led by Dr. Michael Lee Cook, who has been practicing counseling and consulting for more than 10 years. Through his efforts, combined with the knowledge, capability, and compassion of strategic partners, we have helped plenty of people and organizations change for the better.

The work we do is grounded in systems thinking and stands as an open invitation for everyone to bring their questions and concerns to us. Ultimately, we are here to help you find the best ways forward for your life or organization.

Operating Philosophy

At Micah Counseling Services, we believe that relationships are the heartbeat of life. When our connection with others is healthy, we flourish. When it’s broken, we flounder. Our purpose is to help individuals, families, and organizations create and sustain relationships that are healthy, nurturing, and empowering. Ultimately, we make it our purpose to build communities of meaning and a world of peace.

Michael Lee Cook, ThD, LMFT

Dr. Cook is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). He provides counseling & consultation to individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations from a systemic perspective. Practically, this means that he explores the broad range of systemic factors (e.g., cultural, social, economic, spiritual, etc.) in working with clients to understand and effectively overcome their emotional and interpersonal challenges and concerns. He is a Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

He has been practicing psychotherapy for more than 10 years and has extensive clinical and practical experience working with clients on a variety of emotional, psychological, and organizational issues.

His career is broad and includes military service, leadership in banking and finance as well as academia. These experiences have prepared him to connect with a diversity of people and understand the unique assortment of psychological and interpersonal issues and concerns clients bring to every session and consultation.​

Whether you’re more concerned about the personal or professional facets of life, Dr. Cook is always guided by the basic philosophy that relationships are the heartbeat of living. We thrive when our relationships are strong and well and we often struggle when they are broken and fragile. Healthy connections ground families, nurture communities, and help businesses thrive.

Personal Life

Dr. Cook was born and raised in Vidalia, Georgia, which is also known as the "sweet onion city." His hobbies include golfing, running, and writing. He has been happily married for 17+ years and has two children.


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