Systems Consulting

The goal of systems consultation is to help reframe organizational successes and challenges as systemic, and for members, particularly leaders, to understand the circular causality of its internal structures and processes. Systems consultation can significantly help organizations better accommodate change and manage challenges and transitions with minimal disruption.

To this end, the concepts and principles of Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST) can be a great help in working through these processes because the same emotional processes and dynamics that are present in families and other natural systems are also present in businesses and organizations. In fact, many businesses consider their employees as family.

Unfortunately, many organizations and their leaders are often unaware of the emotional forces at play that undermine their ability to effectively lead and effect change.  A consultation can make a huge difference in understanding these underlying emotional dynamics and processes at work.

Here, keep in mind, organizations often succeed or fail, not because of the presence or absence of technical knowledge, but because of the ineffective management of emotional processes and differentiation (maturity) in their leaders.

Systems consultation(s) are time-limited and focused on a specific organizational area(s) or issue(s).  

If your organization is facing a change, challenge, and/or transition with structures, employees, etc., an outside perspective can make all the difference. We are here to help. Get things moving. Make a consultation appointment today.