Counseling Services

Counseling ServicesThe aim of counseling is to provide intervention and support to clients seeking help for a variety of psychological, emotional, and relationship problems and concerns. These issues are severe enough to cause significant distress, frustration, and uncertainty and typically cause painful disruptions in the areas of family, work, school, etc.

Some common issues clients bring to counseling include, but are not limited to: marriage distress, depression, anxiety, substance use and abuse, religious woundedness, parent-child tension, divorce, death of a loved-one, grief, loss, trauma, and a host of other psychological and emotional problems.

The duration of counseling varies from client to client. Our counseling, intervention, and support are based upon Bowen Family Systems Theory, which takes account of the whole person and the relationships and systems in which they live their lives.

If you are emotionally, psychologically, and relationally distressed, counseling can make a huge difference. Don’t put it off any longer. Make an appointment today.