Coaching Services

Coaching ServicesThe aim of coaching is to help clients learn to (re)define themselves in the context of relationships and systems and plan for and reach a variety of specific goals within a specified period of time.

These goals can range from achieving a higher level of performance and/or effectiveness at home, work, school, etc.; gain clarity about career choices and aspirations; learn to effectively manage a work-life balance; and/or sorting through issues related to decisions about education, retirement, becoming parents, and a host of others goals. 

Coaching is not psychotherapy, and emotional and psychological healing is not the focus. Coaching is for clients who are functionally well and desire to pursue specific personal and professional goals.

Coaching is time-limited and focused on specific goals.

If you have a particular goal(s) you desire to achieve and need support, coaching can make a big difference. Take the next step and make an appointment today.